Security Holes

Would you like a second opinion on your network security posture?

In many circumstances we come across clients that have a well implemented and documented plan for their technology that works well for their business. In those cases, we give our kudos to the business owner and thank them for their time.

If you are a business owner that is interested in a second opinion on your technology plan or even lack thereof, the first half hour is on us. Reach out below to schedule a time to discuss your technology concerns.

StorageCraft Partner

DataNetwork.Tech has partnered with StorageCraft to provide premium disaster recovery solutions for our business clients.

Are your computer systems being backed up properly? How would you recover if a mission critical system were to melt down?

Untangle Networks Interface

DataNetwork.Tech is pleased to announce our partnership with Untangle!

In this day and age can you afford to rely on the anti-virus that came preinstalled on your workstation? What about all those IOT devices proliferating on your local network?

It is great to get that popup from your anti-virus letting you know of some disaster that was averted, but what if you could extend that protection to all the devices in your local network?

A Managed Security Solution from DataNetwork.Tech powered by Untangle helps you to take granular control of the activity on your network.

Reach out for a free network assessment today.